Trust Our Garden Nursery Team For Quality Plant Care

We sell everything you need to keep your gardens and landscaping beautiful and healthy. From fertilizers to pesticides, we have it all. Stop in and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members and they will give you the expert advice you need. Don’t forget to ask about our selection of organic products as well!

Professional Guides & Tips From Your Local Garden Center in Buffalo, NY

Pest & Disease Control

Trees and plants get sick just like people, and just like people they can spread their sickness quickly. We encourage all Buffalo and Hamburg, NY residents to contact our garden center the moment you think you need garden disease control. It is important to treat the disease early so as not to damage the remainder of your garden. Call 646-6111, or stop by and talk to one of our resident experts.

Lawn Care

Is your lawn overgrown and looking unmanaged? Have no fear; even the toughest gardening and lawn care jobs are straightforward fixes for our skilled staff. We will do everything in our power to make your lawn care needs easy to manage. Forget the days of slaving over weeds; we’ll show you which products to use to make your lawn look beautiful.

If you wish to know more about lawn fertilizing and care, then contact our garden center today by phone at 716-646-6111.

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