Your frequently asked questions answered

When is the best time to plant a fruit tree and where in my yard should I place it?
You can plant a tree at any time when the ground is not frozen. Spring is when you get the best selection. When you do plant your tree be sure to place it where there is lots of sunshine and room for it to grow.

Is it better to plant flowers from seeds or buy flats?
Flats are always nice because this way you get what you see! If you choose to buy seeds, your plants will have to be started inside in order to be ready for spring planting.

Also, all of your seeds will not germinate. If you buy flats this will ensure that all of your plants are alive and well.

What is the difference between bulbs and seeds?
A seed is the result of a fertilized flower ripening to provide seeds. Bulbs are the result of a mature plant producing an underground shoot which houses a complete plant inside of it. Everything needed to grow the plant is contained inside of the bulb, kind of like a fertilized chicken egg.

When is the best time to plant vegetables?
This will depend on your vegetable; most should not be outside until frost danger is past. There are some cold tolerant such as lettuce and cabbage.

What perennials have pretty blooms but don’t need much water?
There are many: Coneflowers, Black Eyed Susans, Blanket Flowers, Poppies, Russian Sage, along with many more.

Should I plant tulips and daffodils in spring or fall?
You should plant your daffodil bulbs in the fall.

What are some all-natural ways to keep animals away from my plants?
Many animals will be repelled by pepper-based sprays, also putrefied egg whites. Some animals will be repelled by shiny spinning objects.

Do offer all-natural pesticides?
Yes, we offer many pyrethrin or permethrin based insecticides.

What is the difference between Asiatic and oriental lilies?
Generally Asiatic lilies bloom earlier and have no scent. Oriental lilies bloom later, have larger flowers and intense fragrance.

I want to create a new lawn, what is the best kind of grass?
There truly is not “best grass”; climate is something to consider and it is usually best to plant a blend of three or more types of grass. Typically a trio mix of equal parts Fescue, Bluegrass and Perennial Rye grass is used.

If your questions are not listed, please take the time to visit our garden center. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to help!